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It features a natural cotton canvas body anchored by a smooth Italian leather base, a perfect mix of hardy and elegant. The outcome is a structured carryall that uses an unexpected amount of storage area inside. Bringing house a few more souvenirs than you haggled for? This Tumi number broadens to give you an additional 13 inches of depth for all your freshly gotten knick-knacks.

Beautiful leather on the outdoors, generous space on the within. Absolutely nothing more, absolutely nothing less. That Italian wool outside does not just look goodit wicks away moisture, resists smells, and lets the things inside breathe. As big and tough and ruggedly good-looking as … well, everything else you own from Carhartt. Do not forget to get it monogrammed for the complete Cape Cod visual.

There’s an integrated laptop sleeve, to make that constantly uncomfortable finagling for devices in the security line simply a bit easier. Leather duffle bag.

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Trying to find a different sort of travel bag that’s going to make you stick out from the rest? Want something ageless that’s going to be a real investment piece? Well, it’s an advantage you have actually come to our guide to the ever. Possibly you do not like the concept of a knapsack (hello, you’re not in school anymore, right?) or possibly the canvas, skater vibes and outdoorsy nylon of some knapsacks just do not fit your style.

Among the most interesting materials for bags out there, leather is never ever the very same twice. No two leather duffel bags will have the same markings and creases and, as you utilize it increasingly more, it will wear with age and become not simply unique, but individual to you.

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Made from all thick by the folks at, it’s not something you want to be putting down on the muddy ground or any ground, in fact. So fortunately, it features 5 little brass feet to ensure the bottom of your new bag will not get beat up. Not a common chuck-it-all-in duffel, the Kodiak Leather Denali 45L has a couple of company choices.

This external pocket indicates you can easily take your laptop computer out, and put it in once again, when it concerns airport security. Speaking of which, this bag is so you’ll be able to toss it over your shoulder and breeze right past the luggage carousel on your next trip, that makes this top quality bag even more hassle-free.