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Tree Geek Solutions Inc. shows 2 calls to action and a slideshow of photos taken on the job throughout a black background. Scrolling down, the website utilizes faded green and brown blocks to inform visitors of its other services. Tree Service of San Antonio has the easiest homepage on this list. It charms readers with a full-page, well-edited image of a staff member cutting a limb. The site includes three calls to action, among which is balanced out by a bright-red bar at the top of the page. Huge Ben’s Tree Service usages simpleness to its advantage, setting itself apart with its homepage’s deal of around-the-clock care in strong white text across a black background.

Lopez Tree Service catches web browsers’ eyes with a stunning picture of an only tree before a sun-swept background. Scrolling down, the business notes each of its services with short blurbs and images of the company’s workers at work. The website layout of Joseph Tree locations a “Get Your Quote” button in the middle of its homepage, motivating people to get in touch with the company. Underneath, the business notes a motivating story behind its foundation and an image of its staff member. It also sports a dozen small icons of its largest clients, developing rely on visitors’ minds. Utilizing a white background, Dawn Tree Care calls readers to action by highlighting its “Get In Touch” icons with brilliant yellow and red colors.

The homepage of Charter Oaks Tree & Landscaping Co.’s website sports a trio of horizontal, different-colored blocks that market its 3 highests. Below, it informs users of its specialized services, each area coupled with “Find out more” and “Free Assessment” tabs. One Day Tree Service welcomes readers with a photo of its team at work, sporting an “Our Solutions” and a “Request Quote” button. Scrolling down, the website puts visitors at ease with an easy black-and-white design that showcases its services, reviews, and a company bio. Boutte Tree is among the couple of tree service sites to use videos on its homepage.

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At the bottom, it connects to its awards and luxury reviews on other sites like Angie’s List and Home, Advisor. Tree Care Specialist invites you to call the business with a pulsing “Call Now” button in the corner and a “Contact United States” icon on the front page. On the bottom half of its homepage, it begins a list of its services, each of which is coupled with images of its work. Green Leaf Trees combines two trendy website design. Initially, the site devotes one-half of the screen to a blue-text blurb backed by a brilliant-white background; the other half is a photo of its employees.


This is an exceptional example of a forward-thinking website design. Tree Pros greets visitors with a drone-shot video of a full-fledged tree-cutting operation lasting about two minutes. The site draws attention to a tagline and a brief bio with green-and-black blocks instantly underneath the video. Down below, it likewise features logo designs of its most reputable customers. Zamora Tree Service starts with a top quality shot of a chainsaw. Underneath is a big white box that notes four of the company’s most popular services. It also features its hassle-free location on Google Maps. Bartlett Tree Professionals uses a bright, cheerful green, orange, yellow, and white color pattern.

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