When looking to find our life purpose, we sometimes tend to forget to look close. Life purpose isn’t always easy to find, unless you know a little secret.

When I began to adventure into personal development, I started to hear a lot about life purpose.

This concept seemed so large and foreboding. It seemed like the missing link to everything I wanted in my life. Unfortunately, it also seemed like I had not yet found that missing link. And that made it seem even more critical to my success.

It certainly seemed that, if I couldn’t find my life’s purpose, I’d never find success.

My mission began. I was going to FIND my life’s purpose no matter what! I had to find it. It was EVERYTHING!

If I didn’t, I’d continue to wander aimlessly through life not ever reaching my goals, even if my goals were clear.

I began to take all the assessments and create my mission statement and vision statement. I would meditate and look inwards. I’d categorize my interests and talents. I asked those around me what they thought I was really good at doing. I formulated possible ideas.

I was awaiting that moment when all the bells and whistles would go off. The moment when I’d be brought to tears by the sheer joy of what I had discovered. All the programs seemed to indicate that I’d at least get a lump in my throat when I found my life’s purpose. From everything I was hearing and reading, I expected fireworks and a parade.

Maybe that’s why I kept looking. I assumed that, lacking that AHA moment, I hadn’t yet found my true purpose.

The journey was long and I kept asking this same question:

“Will I really want to do this for the REST OF MY LIFE?”

After all, your life’s purpose is what you are meant to do in your life, right?

Well, maybe. And that was the key. THAT was why I had not discovered my own life’s purpose. I was looking for that one, singular answer to the whole question. The answer that would then be carved in stone and never change.

I knew I was a person of many interests and desires. I knew that I loved to learn and continue to grow and get bored easily if I’m not continually challenged. What if I got bored with my life’s purpose?

And that’s when I figured it out. Who said you can only have one life’s purpose and that that purpose would last your entire life?

Who said that whatever I came up with would be something I’d have to live with and never change?

Who said your life’s purpose couldn’t be something that changed with the stages of your life? Whoever said you couldn’t have more than one life’s purpose?

And with that, the fireworks went off and the parade began marching down the road.

What I discovered was that I do have a life’s purpose.

I know why I’m here right now. I know what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

I know who I’m supposed to be helping and how I’m supposed to help them right now.

Tomorrow? That’s the future and who knows what that will bring.

I’ve never found anything that suggests you may have multiple purposes throughout your life. I have found though, that most people do.

There are a few exceptions to this, for example; Mother Theresa and Gandhi.

However, if you look carefully at most of the highly successful individuals in the world, most of them have not always done the same thing throughout their entire lives. For some, this may be because they took a while to discover their true purpose.

For most, I believe it is because that purpose has grown with them as individuals.

Perhaps, as a new parent, your life purpose is to raise healthy, emotionally strong and successful children. There are many mothers, and fathers, who spend a good portion of their lives in this life’s purpose. Once their children are grown, they must now determine a new life’s purpose.

Or perhaps, as a young college student, you find yourself drawn to helping others in third world countries. You give of yourself, your time and your finances to participate in programs designed to boost the standard of living in these areas of the world.

You are convinced that you will be a lifer for these types of programs. However, as you get older, the desire to settle in and have more security and stability has an effect on you and your purpose shifts.

The attachment of the word LIFE to life’s purpose gives the illusion that this is something that is forever, or at least a lifetime.

Unfortunately, for this reason, many spend a lifetime looking for their life’s purpose. That’s why I choose to call it my greater purpose. My greater purpose at this time is to help guide people to discover some of the best kept “secrets” to a better life.

What is your greater purpose?

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