You have spent good money on a feeder that claimed it was squirrel proof. However, the critters spend an entire day eating your bird seed. So, is there really a squirrel proof bird feeder I can trust? This is probably the most asked question we receive. Have you tried all those feeder that claim to be squirrel proof? Are the squirrels on the feeder all day long? We can help you understand how these feeders are designed and what their purpose really is.

A properly designed squirrel proof bird feeder should thwart the average squirrel 95% of the time. That means less than 5% of the time the animals will successfully obtain a bird seed reward for their diligence. For most people, this is fine. However, some are not pleased with this result and, unfortunately, allow these small number of invaders spoil the marvelous hobby of backyard bird feeding. I know of one customer who literally flips out each time she even sees a squirrel.

When you provide free food for your birds, you are basically offering to any aspect of nature, including deer, fox, raccoons, and yes, squirrels. Learning to enjoy all of nature in it’s glory simplifies this hobby tremendously. Birds have learned to live with squirrels and a successful backyard birder can too.

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Many of our customers use a humane trap and drive great distances to release these intruders into the wilds. We have one man who has trapped over 75 squirrels in the past two years and is still going strong. Oh well, it keeps him busy and he is having fun doing it. However, for most of us, living with a couple of squirrels is part of nature and we enjoy that as well.

There are a number of excellent feeders designed specifically to keep red, grey, and fox squirrels from monopolizing the bird seed. Each one can satisfy your desire to allow the birds to feed, but not the squirrels. Be sure to inform your local bird store about what squirrel proof bird feeder you choose. Let them know what critters you wish to deter and what birds you wish to attract.