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Best Practices for Managing Your Hotel’s Next Property Improvements

A hotel PIP, or a Property Improvement Plan, is a set of requirements that must be met so that a hotel is in compliance with brand standards. For hotel owners dealing with branded and franchised hotels, PIPs are often unwanted, yet unavoidable part of their work. In practical terms, it prescribes the expected quality standards for all interior and exterior elements, such as lighting, faucets, etc.

In reality, a hotel PIP can get quite costly for hotel owners. So, we imagine that every time they are due for a PIP, they must seriously consider whether it is worth keeping the property or if it is time to sell. In other words, they must compare the costs of a PIP with any projected gains, taking into account the current state of the market and their competition.

In the right market conditions, a PIP can be highly beneficial. If a PIP gives a hotel a chance to stand out among the competition, it can reward the owners with a greater market share and increased customer satisfaction, and thus a greater profit.

On the other hand, if a market is already saturated with hotels adhering to similar or higher standards, or if there’s no real interest for an improved hotel experience, or if any other circumstance exists that may threaten expected profits, then a PIP project could result in significant losses.

A PIP will often be required with the purchase of a flagged property, or it may be required of an already owned flagged property. Whichever the case may be, a PIP is generally the source of strain on the property owner’s finances. This is particularly true in today’s hotel landscape, where many franchises are taking the sustainability route and requiring the introduction of more energy-efficient elements across the board.

Property owners are often forced to take out a loan in order to complete a PIP. There are SBA funding programs specifically designed for this, and many lenders offer a variety of specialized PIP loans as well. Regardless of the chosen loan type, a PIP project completion is bound to be a meticulous, detailed process that involves many parties and substantial accompanying documentation.

Managing a PIP construction with so many variables is a daunting task. Timely completion is essential, as any setbacks to the construction work can cause serious damage through additional costs, liens, and subpar customer experience. The absolute priority in this complicated process is ensuring that the contractors and subcontractors are paid out on time.

A recent study has revealed that the construction industry has generated $40 billion in excess costs, primarily related to late payments and liens. The majority of these costs could have been avoided through an efficient and timely payment application.

That’s where Contract Simply comes in. Their construction loan management software is a smart and effective solution that ensures tidy paperwork and no missed or delayed payments. As Contract Simply’s CEO Will Mitchell explains, by automating mundane tasks and centralizing budgets, invoices, and other relevant documentation, the software expedites the drawing process and ensures timely payments for all parties. It uploads all contractor pay applications automatically and keeps track of the project’s unique requirements, ensuring that all documentation is prepared and processed without wasting any time. Its documentation review system also allows you to react to any concerns and clarify potential issues to avoid funding delays.

Centralizing all relevant documentation enables swift payments to contractors practically the moment the draw is funded, and digitized receipt tracking prevents any lien issues and ensures a smooth construction and funding process.

The key to a successful PIP construction funded through a loan is maintaining pristine documentation and sticking to the agreed payment schedule. Quality construction loan software can take on a large part of that responsibility and alleviate the risks of construction delays, financial losses, and unhappy customers.

Is Online Landscape Design Worth It?

Online landscape design continues to increase in popularity across most of the programs and the same happened to landscape designing. The main concern which customers have for the online landscape design program is the quality and professionalism of the program as a whole.

Well, I have to admit that we have a good mixture of good and not so good online programs in this world today, a good online program for landscape design is not hard to locate, but shall need a good appropriate amount of time for searching and analyze before the most suitable one is found.

– By browsing through the online landscape design portfolios looking for specific styles, attractive designs, and ideas of creativity which may appeal most to you, then verify the company’s history and their previous performance and achievement before you make the call

– Seek recommendations from those with experience who have tried out the specific online service before will be able to provide great advise here

– Register for online forum or community where discussions on ‘online program/service’ are tabled out for discussions and debates by those sharing the same interests and experiences for useful sharing, knowledge gathering and guidance.

– Increasing homeowners and builders are going for online landscape designs because of the tremendous savings. Online design services can usually offer the same high-quality landscape design for only half the cost as compared to their local offline competitors because of the low overhead and travel expenses that they need to bear.

– Professional online landscape design can provide the same high-end style found with traditional designers. Online companies can be a huge resource for you whenever you have landscaping questions, maintenance concerns, or need someone to discuss ideas on landscaping.

– Online design service is affordable by most, if not all. This has enabled those with a vast interest in running their own landscape designing business to get the needed service and expertise available online anytime. This has opened up great opportunities for many to achieve their career goals.

– Interactive online landscape design websites are important because these sessions will facilitate the communications between them and their clients. The state of the area to be landscaped can also be discussed before any work starts. This will save the client time, money and effort because the online landscape designs can be altered depending on the preferences of the homeowner as well as the recommendations of the landscape experts.

– One can get good advice from the online landscape design service consultant in terms of the below,

o Creating an exceptional landscape drawing 
o Choosing the right architect/designer 
o Hiring reliable landscape contractors 
o Choosing your garden style 
o Planning the ultimate swimming pool 
o Building functional outdoor living areas 
o Creating lasting curb appeal 
o Designing with outdoor lighting 
o Choosing the right outdoor furniture 
o Selecting the perfect grill 
o How to obtain financing, perform good planning and much more…

Online landscape designs are readily available to homeowners that prefer do-it-yourself landscaping as well as landscape architects that would like fresh input. It is of no surprise why online landscape design has increasingly gained popularity in society nowadays.


Masky Halloween sú len časťou kostýmu Halloween. Bez masky Halloween sa Halloween kostým nedokončí. Masky na Halloween sú vyrobené z rôznych materiálov, ako sú protetiká z penovej gumy, latex, papier alebo plasty. Môžu byť vyrobené v akomkoľvek tvare a veľkosti a môžu byť prispôsobené podľa celého Halloweenského oblečenia osoby. Môžu byť urobené na akúkoľvek postavu, ako je zviera, klaun alebo akákoľvek iná strašidelná postava ako cudzinec alebo zviera. Najefektívnejšie použitie masky Halloween je, že človek môže skryť svoju pravú identitu, ktorá sa stáva veľmi obtiažna robiť s make-upom a doplnkami. Týmto spôsobom môže osoba vystrašiť ľudí efektívnejším spôsobom, ako použitím doplnkov.

Pridáva to k zábave a robí ľuďom viac zvedavostí, než kto je za maskou. Ľudia stále hádajú meno osoby, ktorá je za maskou, a nakoniec to zvyšuje zábavu ako celok. Na trhu sú k dispozícii všetky typy masky Halloween, ktoré poskytujú rôzne úrovne pokrytia cez tvár. Existujú masky, ktoré zakrývajú iba oči človeka a zvyšok tváre je viditeľný pre ľudí ako batman. Potom sú tu ďalšie, ktoré pokrývajú polovicu tváre a ľudia vidia ústa. Najslávnejšie a najobľúbenejšie masky medzi ľuďmi sú však tie, ktoré pokrývajú celú tvár až po bradu a nikto nevidí žiadnu časť tváre. Títo sú najobľúbenejší, pretože sú najúspešnejší v desivých ľuďoch a človek sa za týmito maskami čisto skrýva. Niektorí ľudia tiež radšej chodia na oblek rytierov Templárov, ktorý je úplne vyrobený z kovu a obsahuje oceľovú prilbu.

Čím viac je tvár pokrytá maskou Halloween, tým je pre ľudí ťažké uhádnuť, kto je za maskou. Osoba nenúti dĺžku masky Halloween. Ak je polomaska, keď ide s jeho kostýmom Halloween, mal by ísť s polomaskou a nie pre celú masku, pretože by to zničilo vzhľad jeho kostýmu Halloween. halloween maska ​​zvyšuje vzhľad osoby Halloween kostým, a preto ho vyzerať desivejšie, než len na sebe kostým sám.

Online Stock Trading Companies – What to You Need to Know Before You Choose One

With the recent resiliency of the stock market, many investors have been tempted to try their hand at investing. Though they have a history of being a risky form of investment, stocks and shares have also proven to give one of the highest returns possible of all forms of investment.

What does it mean to Buy Stock?

When you buy a stock, you are taking small part ownership of the company whose stock you bought a share of. Traditionally, one would need to hire a stockbroker or firm to represent them and help them buy, sell and trade shares. This method can be very time consuming, risky and at times, inconvenient. Now, you have the option of going through online stock trading companies which can help you buy and sell shares almost instantly.

More on Online Stock Trading Companies

Not only do online trading companies give you the option to buy, sell and trade shares on your own, they also provide users with a great deal of information. Whether a beginner or an expert trader, online trading companies open the door to a wealth of information to help their users make informed decisions when it comes to their investments.

Through online stock trading companies, you can apply for mutual funds and IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings). You can also manage your portfolio, and schedule orders for future purchase of shares and, becoming increasingly popular amongst investors, you can choose to trade in commodities.

You can also depend on your online trading company to provide you with market updates on a regular basis, send newsletters to your email inbox and even give you advice on the best stocks to buy and sell.

It should be noted, though, that online stock trading companies do not take responsibility for any losses that you may incur while trading through them, even if you decide to buy or sell based on a suggestion they gave you. Stock trading is something that you approach at your own risk.

How to Begin

The first step to begin trading online is to choose a company to invest through and open an account. There are a large number of online stock trading companies out there with more and more being created every day. Therefore, it is very important that you carefully consider these important factors before choosing a company.

1. Fees charged. These include commissions, the required deposit amount (if any) and service charges.

2. Customer service history. How quickly will the company be able to answer your questions when they arise?

3. Is sky view trading legit? Check out the credibility of the site. You are, after all, investing your money with them. Remember, anyone can start a website these days.

4. Investigate the company history and its financial transaction performance over the years.

5. Any other factors that are important to you should not be ignored. Be sure that the company you choose meets your requirements!

You’ve Chosen a Company, Now What?

Once you decide upon a company and open an account it is time to start investing in stocks! You should know that there are two different ways to trade stocks; let’s explore them:

– The first method of trading stocks is day trading. Day trading involves buying and selling stocks on the same day. Many traders do this with hopes of a great return; assuming that the stock will grow in value by the close of the day. May professional traders choose this method of trading.

– The second method of trading involves purchasing a stock and holding on to it. This is your best bet if you expect said stock to give you a substantial amount of profit in the long run.

Though stock brokers are available to give advice on what to buy, sell or trade, it is not advisable to rely solely on the stockbroker to make your investment decisions. Since the stock market is often difficult to time and predict, it is best to regularly invest in the stock market. Be sure to set investment goals for yourself, invest with caution and stay calm if and when the stock market is in a slump. It is best not to make rash decisions, but rather, sound investments, in the long run, will almost always give good returns.

Choosing online stock market companies with a history of good customer service/support and professional staff will be your best bet to embarking upon a successful stock trading run.

Spotting Scopes Terminology – Best Spotting Scopes For Birding

Spotting scopes are used when more magnification is needed or wanted than binoculars provide and are used widely for birding, viewing wildlife and landscapes and other objects at a great distance. Much of the terminology and technical specifications specific to spotting scopes are similar to binoculars. For example, a 20-60×82 spotting scope has a zoom magnification range of 20-60x (20 to 60 times larger than the size of an image as would be seen by the naked eye) with a front lens diameter of 82mm.

The significant increased magnification can take you well beyond the capabilities of conventional binoculars. That said, two factors, the atmosphere and the optical system of the spotting scope, should be kept in mind. Heavy air, dust, humidity, glare and wind and air currents during the day can all reduce image quality and the greater the magnification, the more drastic the reduction in image quality will be. Few locations allow you to use more than 60-80x during the day, so most spotting scopes stop at 60x. The optical system of a spotting scope will impact magnification also. As magnification is increased, some decrease in image quality will result, no matter the model. In this key area, as the old saying goes…you get what you pay for. So yes, if you want a scope that is as clear and sharp at 60x magnification as it is at 20x, then expect to pay more. Keep in mind though that most spotting scopes are used at lower magnifications, usually around 30x-40x. This is more than enough for most applications and all but the least expensive and cheapest model will produce reasonable images in this magnification range.

Objective Diameter

Assuming that you are comparing two models of similar quality, the larger the objective lens, the more detail you can see and the better image quality your scope will deliver, especially at higher magnifications. However, a large lens of mediocre quality, no matter how large, will never equal the performance of a smaller, quality lens. If you aren’t sure, opt for quality, not size.

Close Focus

Although not an absolute necessity, a close focus of 20 ft or less can be useful, especially if you plan to use a spotting scope with a camera.

Eye Relief

As with binoculars, this is the distance your eye can be from the eyepiece and still see the entire field of view. As a general rule, you will need at least 14mm of eye relief to see the entire field of view with eyeglasses and people with thick glass lenses in their eyeglasses will probably need more.


While not a necessity, a waterproof scope is terrific to have. The seals in a waterproof model also prevent the infiltration of dust and dirt and therefore add to the lifespan of the spotting scope.


Due to its high magnification, hand holding a spotting scope and expecting to maintain a clear, non-blurry image is virtually impossible and therefore requires that it be supported to keep it steady. The best tripod for spotting scope you may be able to sneak by at lower magnifications with a monopod or shoulder stock, but above 40x, you must use a tripod. And the larger and heavier the scope, the larger and heavier the tripod should be. As all spotting scopes are threaded in the same fashion as a camera and therefore should fit on any standard camera or video tripod, unless you prefer, you will not need to purchase a special tripod for your spotting scope.

Best Spotting Scopes for Birding

Most agree that the best magnification range for birding with a spotting scope is 20-40x. Much higher than 40x and the field of view is too narrow to be practical, with the added drawback of a dimmer image. Keep in mind that problems such as heat waves will increase at higher magnifications. If you do a lot of dawn or twilight bird observation, or if your area is often overcast and dim, a wider objective lens will give you a better image. So you will want to choose a lens of 77-82mm. However, a larger objective lens also translates to increased size and weight. Birders who are out mostly during the day and don’t relish the thought of carrying a heavier instrument will want to consider an objective lens size of 60-65mm.

Whether you are an avid bird watcher and enjoy bird watching, wild bird identification and offering bird feeders for your feathered friends who visit you and are looking for the best wild bird feeders available, you will find much that is unique here.

How to Plan a Summer Party – Inflatable Rentals, Water Slides & Outdoor Movies

The end of the school season is approaching and that means fun summer parties! Planning a party can sometimes be so overwhelming that families avoid throwing them. That doesn’t have to be the case this summer – often it is the simplest parties that are the most successful!

While a summer party is fun, they can also be a great way to reconnect with neighbors and school friends, break up a summer full of sports, vacations and camp, and spend quality time celebrating with your family.

By following some simple suggestions please visit our site for inflatable rentals, water slides, and outdoor movies in your plan, your party is sure to be an easy success. Plan your party around a specific big-ticket item, such as an inflatable obstacle course, to get the party-goers excited.


Get things started by sending out invitations early. Have children create their own construction paper invitations or get creative and hand deliver balloons with invitations inside, cupcakes with save-the-date information on the icing, or hand-made adventure park admission tickets that children can present to access one of the inflatable rentals at your party.

The most important thing is to let people know the date of the party, the time and any special instructions required – like wearing a bathing suit!


Food and beverages don’t have to be extravagant – consider finger foods, pizza and outdoor classics such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Just remember to make it fun and easy to clean up! An outdoor party in the summer is an excellent time to break out popsicles for the kids and fresh fruit like watermelon or peaches.

Another option, an ice cream sundae bar equipped with fixings such as ice cream, candy toppings and chocolate sauce, is a sweet end to any meal. Drinks can be as simple as pitchers of lemonade or a cooler filled with water bottles or cans of soda.

Inflatable Rentals

Once the food and snacks are planned out, consider entertainment options. Inflatable rentals are a big hit with children of all ages, and adults are even able to partake in the fun! Allow children to slide down inflatable slides, navigate through inflatable obstacle courses, or test out their champion skills in an inflatable boxing ring – the options for outdoor inflatable rentals are limitless!


After a tiring day playing in the inflatable rentals, wind down the party with a number of outdoor movie options. Viewing screens that project movies on an inflatable surface are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Set up a viewing area outside and pick from a variety of children’s movies, along with classic movie snacks like popcorn and gummy worms, to end the night. Provide blankets and lawn chairs for everyone to relax and make sure there are flashlights or outside lamps so that everyone is safe.

The options are unlimited when it comes to planning a spring party. Ensure that a detailed checklist is set up to guarantee that inflatable rentals will be at the party, the movie is picked out, and the food is prepared for the day of the party. After that, sit back, relax, and have fun!

Finding the Best Lawn Mowers

The lawn is certainly a portion of the yard which can add a beautiful outlook of your house as a whole. A poorly cared for lawn while leaving it unattended for months together would just go to show that you might be on vacation far away. The house would not look great despite being clean and tidy inside. A neatly done lawn on a regular basis with trimmed bushes and a fountain on the other side with your house in the middle would give your yard a lively atmosphere as a whole. This enhances the organic looks of your whole house for the neighbors. So how to get it done? You cannot rely on the gardener for the amount of money they do charge for these services these days. The best solution is to find out about the best lawn mower in 2019.

This should be something of your kind with lighter weight to handle and operate on a regular basis. The parts and accessories should be highly reliable and should not require you a visit downtown several times a month to find fixing parts for maintenance. It should be highly durable and reliable and also at the same time very effective in its operation. The costs associated should not be way higher than the peers in the market. When you get all these qualities in one machine out there for a reasonable or affordable price they are the best lawn mowers.

Also you could get the best lawn movers which are already used for a limited time by selecting numerous options available for you online in the sites such as online auction sites. Apart from which is very popular, you might find a lot of such local sites in your region where you can curtail the costs associated with the shipping by far. Normally the shipping charges are quite large and the commission charges have to be added on too. So you need to calculate all these and make your best bet of a bargain before you type your quotes in the auction sites of such a kind.

How Can Commercial General Liability Insurance Help Protect Your Business?

Tennessee Commercial General Liability Insurance can help protect you and your business against many common lawsuits. General liability insurance is the most popular option for many businesses because of its broad spectrum of coverage. Much like other liability insurance, commercial general liability coverage protects your business from many common claims that many small businesses can face.

What does general liability insurance protect against?

Commercial liability coverage protects your business against four basic claim categories:

• Bodily injury: If a customer or other party suffers from bodily injury caused directly or indirectly by your business, this insurance will help cover medical expenses and other damages brought about by a lawsuit.

• Property damage: If you or your employees cause damage to a person’s property (e.g., cars, homes, land, and other property of relative value), you can be held responsible for the cost. General liability insurance provides the type and the amount of coverage you need.

• Personal injury: Personal injury encompasses slander, libel, lost wages, mental anguish, and other claims that do not fall under bodily injury.

• Advertising injury: This is similar to personal injury in that it is brought about by slander, libel, or copyright infringement, but advertising injury involves another business instead of an individual.

Why do you need general liability coverage?

General liability insurance protects your business. Even if you think your business is too small or you are certain you will not cause any of the damages or injury listed above, you should still be covered. In such a litigious environment, you need to be protected against frivolous lawsuits.

Some people see an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting small business owners who may not be covered against a claim. For example, imagine that you run a commercial cleaning business and you do most of your work after business hours when the office buildings are empty. You may consider yourself at low-risk and don’t see the necessity of having commercial general liability insurance because you rarely, if ever, interact with your customers. But what if one of your employees damages expensive computer equipment by accidentally spilling cleaning fluid on it? You would be liable for the damages.

Remember that you can never be completely in control of every situation. Accidents happen. There are always unforeseen problems that could result in a lawsuit, including bogus claims. Your commercial general liability insurance can help cover those claims. If you don’t have many assets (or even if you do), your company could be completely destroyed by one claim against your business.

How much commercial liability coverage does your business need?

The amount of coverage will depend on your specific needs. You may only need a small amount of commercial liability insurance to cover the cost of potential claims brought against you. It is important to keep in mind that the cost of claims today has increased and people are seeking larger amounts for damages, making the right amount of coverage critical to protect your business interests. Consult with a trusted insurance broker who has your best interests in mind and will provide recommendations for obtaining the perfect coverage for your business.

SEO Marketing With Landing Page Optimization Is More Effective

Why do you think are you reading this? Is it because you entered the exact same title in your Search Engine box that landed you to this page? Most probably that is the case.

The idea behind land page optimization is based on the concept of directing readers to the right information. SEO Singapore Marketing is not only about driving traffic to your website, but it’s also all about targeted marketing

More traffic doesn’t mean you are getting more sales. More traffic also means more noise. You want more prospects than can be turned into buyers.

Using wrong SEO marketing strategies can damage your business

If you have boosted your search engine ranking with SEO you will have a lot of visitors. What if the information on your landing webpage is not what they are looking for? Even worse, if your landing page contains grammar errors or incorrect product information, you have just created an upset reader.

Landing page optimization for readers, not just customers

Create valuable and correct content on your landing page is key to SEO marketing. When a Google user is looking for a certain subject and found your webpage with the right information you will automatically build a trustworthy reputation.

Don’t just create information for potential customers, but also for blog readers. The number of bloggers has increased dramatically in the last 4 years. This is a strong indication that web surfers like to find information online.

If a blog reader found your website with valuable information they would link back to your website. Yours have just created successful viral marketing with SEO strategy. Diverting maximum targeted traffic to your website with SEO marketing is the ultimate goal.

SEO Marketing is different from Pay Per Click

SEO marketing strategies have been around for a while. SEO marketing strategy is hot and it’s both inexpensive and in high demand these days to market your business. It is based on organic search engine results and is different from any ‘pay per click’ ad or ‘paid inclusion’ ad.

Online advertising can retain a lot of potential leads and drive traffic to your website, but let’s be honest here. Advertising does tend to get annoying for most online users, especially they cannot find what they are looking for. They end up wasting time clicking on an advertisement with a false promise. Eventually, you have lost a couple of dollars for a wasted click.

SEO marketing is about traffic to the right landing page

Regardless of age, location or any other irrelevant factor, every online user is looking for information. If you are one amongst the few, who can provide the exact piece of unveiled information to your reader, you will a higher chance to create more lead.

Eleven key SEO Marketing tips to help you create a successful and proven marketing campaign 

  1. Create a website with the valuable and correct content
  2. Create keyword-rich content, but focused on the online reader
  3. It’s important to use smart keyword research. Get your keyword research tools in place and look for non-competitive keywords. Keywords must be specific and relevant to your web business, in order to get fast SEO results.
  4. Include relevant keyword everywhere in your landing page
  5. Add the relevant keywords in meta tags, website address, page title, landing page, and file names as much as possible
  6. Navigation in the website must be kept simple
  7. Create links by spreading relevant content
  8. Link building is like the backbone of SEO internet marketing. Spread relevant content all over the web in the form of articles, blogs, social media content, and press releases, will links going back to your website.
  9. Create an expert author to show authority
  10. Create an image for the expert author that is publishing content on the web. This will gain the trust of your reader.
  11. Keep your content up-to-date

Fresh information attracts increased attention.

SEO Marketing takes time, same as branding

SEO marketing is not a one-day process and hence you need complete dedication and incredible consistency when it comes to slowly build your brand through expert SEO internet marketing strategies.

Senior Health Care Insurance

Health Insurance For Seniors On The Net

When a good friend of mine inquired where he could obtain information about medical insurance for his out-of-state, elderly mother, I told him you can learn more at this site.

He reported back to me about a week later, in desperation: “I am giving up, I am too confused.” He had taken on an overwhelming project with his widowed mother, living in another state. As the only child, and following the sudden death of his father, it was his responsibility to care for his mother.

In this world of technology, the family unit is often living in different geographical areas and the family members are usually quite involved with their own lives, careers, and families. In addition, when both parents are alive, often one or both parents are quite independent and do not require a lot of assistance. As time goes on things, of course, change, and sometimes change very suddenly. There can be a crisis, with regard to the health care needs of one or both aging parents.

With our baby boomers facing this problem in ever increasing numbers, and with the information highway in full bloom, there is a definite need for planning.

Protecting your parent’s assets and health is a huge and daunting undertaking, which requires a tremendous amount of education and practical application. Our seniors face many diverse responsibilities upon reaching age 65. To name just a few: Estate planning, taxation, Medicare, social security, wills, insurance, and various other legal and financial matters. All of these different areas require expertise from accountants, lawyers, estate planners, insurance agents, home brokers, financial advisors, and others.

The Internet is a good starting point for most people to find resources for questions and solutions for your problems. There is, however, no replacement for good solid intelligent advice from an expert.

Twenty years ago, insurance for elders was sold by “senior insurance specialists”, with just a handful of companies in each state. The programs were most often Medi-gap or Medicare supplemental policies, which covered the expenses not covered by Medicare, including hospital and doctor deductibles, durable medical devices, and non-approved Medicare costs. Ironically these specialists did not sell a lot of nursing care policies, even though Medicare paid a national average of less than 2% of these expenses. With the advent of “financial and estate planning” and more insurance companies entering this market, a more broad and diversified product line became available to agents, brokers, planners, and seniors.

Part of this new diversification was the “home health care plan”, sold by itself, and in conjunction with senior health insurance products. The appeal of the “home health care policy” was that a senior could stay at home and still receive medical and custodial benefits, allowing a person to recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

This was the answer to a huge problem. The last place an older person wanted to go was a “retirement home”, or “rest home”, or, God forbid, the “nursing home.” It appeared that seniors could now rely on this new innovation without the worry of having to move out of their home environment in the event of a health problem.

As with most things,” if it is too good to be true”… The home health care policy is no exception. The problem is, there is not enough coverage for a lengthy illness or recuperation time. The fact is, the new trend is toward an “all in one” type facility, allowing for a variety of levels of care all in one location. In other words, a senior could start off with little or no health care concerns in an independent, less expensive area, and then go to an assisted living, or nursing care facility, all within the same compound.

A “nursing home” requires a nurse on the premises 24 hours per day, assisted living is just eight hours. The advantages of this are financial. The patient or senior is only charged according to the care level required during the time he or she is admitted to that facility. Another benefit is it alleviates a lot of planning because the care is delivered, as it is needed. The medical attention is available to all residents regardless of their current health.

Some people are offered a lifetime package, which covers their care for the rest of their lives, regardless of their current age. It also allows for social outlets to an otherwise somewhat isolated group. Online shopping services have become a huge business. It is definitely here to stay and many insurance policies are purchased from Internet quotes and on-line applications.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of insurance agents and brokers advertising on the Internet. Most of them will provide instant on-line quotes and even applications for the potential insured. I highly discourage a layperson to purchase insurance in this fashion. A little knowledge can be dangerous.

The federal government has mandated to all states through legislation, the standardized senior health insurance policy guidelines, which are governed and regulated by each state insurance department.

There are plans for almost every level of health. Some are designed and priced for a less than a healthy individual. Others are for a person with minimal health concerns. The whole concept of insurance is to provide protection for “unanticipated” sickness or injury, especially catastrophic expenses, which would devastate a person’s net worth. The more small expenses a person is willing or able to pay (self-insure), the lower the rate. I recommend this strategy when evaluating your insurance options.

Another consideration when reviewing various insurance plans is to look at the company itself. How long has the company been selling this type of insurance? Do they have a lot of complaints filed with the local department of insurance? Are the rates stable? Does it pay claims on time? Service? Most agents talk about the rating. These ratings are as follows: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, or “not rated”.

Do not be fooled by the rating alone. It is good to have a high rating, but it is far better to have a company that has longevity, stability, innovation, service, and expertise. The problem is that some companies enter a market and quickly leave without explanation. This does not give security to the policyholder.

The most important consideration should be a review of the profit/loss ratio for that product. This will establish stability, and longevity in the market. An insurance company with a moderate profit in a particular line of business will remain in that market. On the other hand, a company with losses will make changes and possibly even withdraw. This is information not normally available to Internet users.

Before entering into an insurance contract, the senior person, the family, and other advisors must be realistic, and a careful evaluation of the entire picture must be examined. The age, the health of the senior, the financial resources, the personality and attitude of the senior, and most importantly the desires of the senior, should all be considered.

Early planning is important, as qualification becomes increasingly more difficult as the applicant’s health declines. The senior health care market is complex. I will offer some words of advice to attempt to alleviate potential pitfalls.

*Choose a well-informed, seasoned, and service-oriented agent or broker to assist your decision-making process. The professional can offer invaluable information, but do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions and even get a second opinion.

*Do not wait until your parent or loved one is sick or injured. Plan ahead and take the time needed to cover all the options.

*Choose an experienced insurance company. A Company that has been in the marketplace for a significant time and has maintained a balance of rates and benefits and sound risk selection with moderate rate increases over time is your best bet.

*The plan should be flexible, with a broad range of options and benefit selections to the insured. There should be no tricks or complicated language for the coverage. An incredibly low rate is a red flag for trouble in the future.

*Do not rush or be rushed by an over-aggressive salesperson.

This policy will not be inexpensive and will need to be read and reviewed for a clear understanding of the contents. This is one advantage of the Internet. You are allowed to read indefinitely before you act.

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