Space can be a deceptive concept. What you see is not always what is actually there. It can be like that with garages. They may seem jam packed with no room to spare, but a bit of re-organisation can work wonders.

Plan your garage

Garages can have a range of uses, including home storage. The trouble is that garage storage can often conflict with garage functionality. Many homeowners put off a range of DIY and repair jobs as well as leaving their car to the mercy of the elements for the simple reason that their garage is cluttered. Even if your main aim for a garage is for tool storage and home storage, then it can become a bit of an obstacle course when it comes to the simple task of finding your spanner set (or even the family car!).

One of the first things to when working out what to do with your garage, is to decide what you want from it. Don’t let the present mess put you off from finding a solution. There is a range of space saving and garage storage products that are affordable, easy to use, and great at transforming the layout of your garage. Once you’ve decided what you want, create a plan or layout of how the garage could look. Be prepared to compromise a little, and find a balance between what is practical and what should be prioritised. Consider getting rid of things that you never use. If they are valuable then consider how selling them could pay for the extra storage tools.

Walls and ceilings as storage ideas

Ideally, a cluttered garage is a sign not necessarily that you have too many things, rather that you are not organising them into accessible and tidy locations. Again, storage systems can take care of this problem. Consider the space available on the walls and the ceiling. There are a range of wall fixtures and hammock type storage devices that can quickly create plenty of space and allow you to see the garage floor again.

Getting garage space organised

Consider what types of shelving and storage devices will best suit your needs. If you have plenty of small but heavy items, then a good heavy-duty shelf unit could immediately free up floor space. They can accommodate a range of tools, equipment, and clothing. Lighter items could be placed in hammock type storage systems, while heavy garden machinery could be strapped to the wall via the use of pegs. A slat wall is an ideal way for pegs to be used in garage storage. Shelves and pegs can be inserted and removed quickly and easily, to change the way you store things in your garage according to your needs.

Remember to keep everyday tools accessible and visible, preferably on wall-mounted pegs in the workspace. Other tools could be kept in a cabinet, while rubber mats are ideal for anything on the garage floor as they can prevent storage boxes from skidding along. Keeping your garage functional is a great reason to keep it tidy.

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