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How to Get More Involved With Your Family’s Photos!

Family photography can be one endeavor that you can engage yourself in not just to pass the time but also to earn extra money on the sideline. As long as you have the equipment and you believe that you have the skills to compose a good photograph, then you can get yourself started.

If you are a beginning family photographer, start with this by asking first the people that you know to schedule a shoot with you. You can opt to do it for free or for a discounted price. The goal here is for you to exercise your skills and to build your own photography portfolio. If your schedule will allow it, do around two to four shoots in different locations: for example, you can cover a photo shoot in a beach then another in a studio. This will aid you in expanding your technical know-how in photography, since each location requires different setups. Once you are done with the shoots and the post-processing, show your portfolio to your friends and/or to a professional photographer and ask them for their opinions. This will serve as a good opportunity for you to know which areas you should improve yourself on and also to brainstorm for more ideas.

Once you’re ready to break through into this field, know first the rates of professional photographers. You can do this by canvassing photo studios and asking the personnel about their professional fees. You can also look through their catalogues to determine how studio packages are usually priced. Also, if you can still afford it, invest in good camera equipment (i.e. lenses, tripods), most especially if you’re planning to make this a career in itself. It might be quite heavy on the budget at first, but once you’ve established yourself in this field, you will be able to gain back your losses in no time.

Working as a professional photographer doesn’t mean that you should stop studying and brainstorming. Always allow yourself some room for improvement. Update yourself from time to time about the latest in photography. Subscribe to magazines and newsletters. And also, don’t limit yourself to family photography alone. If you’ve already built a reputation in the field, then dabbling in other types of photography shouldn’t be that much of a problem since by that time, you’ve probably got the skills and equipments needed already. Explore other photography genres to open yourself to more opportunities.

How to Choose the Best Location for My Family Portrait?

As a family portraits photographer, I am asked quite often by clients for suggestions on where is the best location to have a family portrait taken?

My response is always the same, location is very important but in the end, the most important aspect of your portrait should be about showing the emotional relationships and love you have for one another.

To get an idea of what setting my clients would feel more comfortable in, my first questions back to them are do you prefer an outdoor setting or in studio? Is your family comfortable in natural areas or do you prefer architectural settings? Selecting a location for your family or personal photograph is important. The location you select provides a very personal message about you and your family.

We were thinking about having our family portrait taken in a studio?
No longer is a studio portrait just for clients with traditional and conservative tastes. Family portraits in the studio with solid color backgrounds paired with coordinating colored clothing and modern furniture are gaining popularity. Many of today’s families like to emulate the look and feel of fashion portraits in clothing catalogs.

A studio portrait is traditionally hung above a fireplace, displayed in family rooms and staircases. A studio portrait is one that is captured only once every few years as there can be a lot involved in deciding about outfits, hair style, backgrounds and such.

The downside to a studio portrait is that there may not be a variety of poses captured to select from for your final prints due to limited background availability. It can also be difficult for toddler age children and the reason is that small children love to roam and explore. Roaming is a very natural thing for toddlers to do. In a studio setting, the portrait light is fixed and limited to a small space. There is usually very little to no room for small children to roam.

What are the benefits of having our family portrait taken outdoors?
An outdoor location offers a different appeal from a studio. Generally an outdoor location offers more versatility. A family has the flexibility in selecting their portrait to be formal, casual or sometimes even both. These can be used for mantle prints as well as smaller prints. The outdoors provides for natural light which has very complementary qualities for facial complexions.

Additional benefits of capturing your portrait outdoors is that you will have more possibilities as far as backgrounds are concerned, usually resulting in a collection of portraits to select from for prints and other memorable products. Families with toddlers will feel a little more at ease outdoors being that an outdoor environment is stimulating and usually safe to roam. If your portrait is captured at the right time of day, allowing your toddler to roam may make for beautiful spontaneous portraits of your child.

What are some other possible locations for our family portrait?
Another possible location that is quite often overlooked is in your own home. Having a family portrait created in your own home adds a very personal touch. The same family portrait principles apply for your home as they do for a studio or outdoor portrait.

Some families may select to capture a more formal portrait indoors. A portrait photographer may bring in external lighting to create a beautifully lit family portrait.

Recently we created a beautiful outdoor portrait in front of our clients home. They were so elated to have a personal family memory to hang over their mantle.

Now just imagine this, days before their portrait, I took a drive by their home at what I thought would be the most perfect time of the day for the most beautiful natural light. In my mind I framed 4 possible portrait backgrounds for this family of 3. The results were stunning and they selected a beautiful portrait set in front of a pretty magnolia tree. I hope that in years to come, they will come to look at their family portrait and it will bring back beautiful memories of that time. Maybe in the years that come, they’ve moved onto a different home and it reminds them of the great memories they had at their former home. Maybe they still live in the same home and it makes them realize how much that pretty magnolia tree has grown with their family.

Either way, portraits are meant to bring you beautiful and emotional memories of your precious family.

Family Photography: Viewing Family in a Single Frame Is Great Fun

Family is a group of members living together with love shared and care showered over each other. Family photography is becoming common these days. Capturing a whole family is a great fun in one single portrait.

Professional photographers find family portraits as lucrative business. There is great trend of family portraits in present era. It helps people of family to view them in one frame. Interest of people increasing in this side widens scope for family photographers to join field of family photography.

Photography helps person to recall their missing links which are not with them due to some disaster or some personal biases. Professional family photographers are experienced and know basics of their profession’s they click better than normal individual. As capturing more than fifteen members in a single frame is a great task which is done easily by Family photographers.

There are different techniques used by family photographers to present the best click. They always try to have the best and present the best picture which is showing a family in one frame.

During marriages or family functions the craze of photography increases. Now a day people are obsessed with the thoughts to have royal looks snapshots, so they hire the family photographer’s so that no deficiency remains. People are always over whelmed about their photographs with their loved one’s or simple relatives, capturing all the expressions and funny faces they make while photos are clicked provide lot of fun after words.

It is vital that the family photographers should have new and efficient ideas on how to keep family comfortable and delighted, through out the photo session. The best part of the family photographers is that he knows how to soothe the atmosphere before the photo shoot and they help the people to get interested in photo shoot even for those who all shy from the clicks. They always care about the weather too. Due to the perfect knowledge and experience in their work for several years they are proved as masters in clicking the photographs.

Family photographer’s scope is increasing day by day due to increasing trends of photography as well as interest of people in making their personal photo profiles. A layman always loves to view an album in which he himself and his family portrays a major role. The addiction of people for photography provides a proper workplace for film photographers to flourish and show their magic in their one click.

6 Trends in Modern Family Photography

Do you want your family photos to reflect your family’s style? Today’s families are using custom photography to tell a story with their family photos. Families are trending away from the chain photography studio shots and opting for more casual, documentary style photos. These photos can often show off your family’s personality and allow everyone to feel more at ease during the session. Check out these top trends in today’s modern family photos.

Urban Environments

Urban settings can provide a great backdrop for family photos. You can typically find an urban style location almost anywhere, but you’re most likely to find them in a downtown or historic area near you. Urban environments often contain brick walls, interesting stairways, train tracks, and walkways. Jeans and casual clothing typically work best in this environment.

Open Fields

You’ve probably passed that big empty field everyday on your way home, but never thought of it as a location for family photos. Open fields can often provide a great location for child, family and engagement photos. The emptiness and repetition of elements can let you be the star of your photos in this environment. You’ll want to have these sessions close to sunrise or sunset to get great lighting in your photos. Little girls in dresses are typically great for this location.

Your Home

Sometimes you don’t have to go anywhere at all. What better way to show your family in their “element” than to have photos taken in your home. You don’t have to have a million dollar home to have a great environment for family photos. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a favorite sofa, room, or wall in your house. If you have a room with great window light, that can be a great area for family photos. You can also move the family outdoors to your backyard for some family fun. Plan outdoor activities that the entire family can participate in to capture great family moments.

Candid Interaction

Gone are the days of stiff posing for the camera. We all remember those photos that mom made us take with everyone smiling, while posing on the person’s shoulder in front of them. Bleh. These days families are opting for candid style photos that show genuine interaction between them. Sometimes it just takes something as simple as telling a joke or playing tag to capture those candid moments on camera. Those photos are often the ones that are treasured for years.

Jeans/Casual Clothing

Everyone remembers dressing up in your best dress or suit for “picture day” back in the day. Today, family photos are often taken in casual clothing. You definitely don’t want your family to look like they just hopped out of bed but jeans and a nice casual shirt can sometimes make your family members feel at ease during your photo session. To get that polished look, try coordinating your family’s clothing color scheme. Come up with one color scheme or style that will determine what everyone in the family will wear. You don’t have to all dress alike, but coordinating your family’s clothing makes a more compelling photo in the end.

Unique Photo Gifts

While prints are certainly classic and timeless, today’s families are finding more unique ways to show off their photos. Custom coffee table books make great gifts and are the perfect alternative to the traditional photo album. Canvas gallery wraps can turn your family photo into a work of art that can be displayed almost anywhere in your home. Before starting your session, think about what you would like to do with your photos. Maybe you want something to help cover that empty wall, or perhaps a photo gift that you can send to grandma. Whatever the occasion, unique photo gifts can provide treasured memories for your family.

Modern family photography simply means capturing your family as they are. No frills or special tricks needed. Find a Los Angeles family photographer that reflects your family’s style.

Importance of Family Portraits/Family Photography

As a little girl I loved to look at old photos of my family. I would spend hours imagining what it was like to live back in those days. It gave me a sense of pride and belonging; connection to the past and part of my family that is no longer tangible. This is especially true for me as my family migrated to the US from Cuba back in 1980 with barely any possessions, but what could fit in their pockets. We luckily had a lot of relatives that were willing to mail us some old photos of their childhood. I am so grateful that my grandparents gave me a gift of history by taking a family portrait. I look at that portrait of my mom with her family from way back when, and it brings me back in time. This is the only way our great grandchildren will know what it was like to live in the year 2012 and how their grandmother looked at age 30.

Family portraits are so important, they are the most tangible piece of your legacy.

We need to make sure we archive our history. It’s our responsibility that future generations are able to have these memories. It’s not difficult to capture these moments if you take the time to hire the right photographer who understands the value of the family legacy.

Professional family photographers understand that some moments never repeat themselves for various reasons. Whether your son is blowing a kiss at you or your daughter is hugging her father, the family photographer is quick to capture these moments that are so cherished in the family history.

Give the gift of history to future generations by having a family portrait session.

Preparing for your family portrait.

1. Seek and hire and professional photographer: Hiring a professional photographer is the first step. Speak with them over the phone for a consultation. Diligently look over their website portfolio. What are their family portrait packages? Are prints and digital negatives included? Do they use lighting? Where are the portraits going to be taken. How flexible is the photographer with traveling to areas? How creative can the shots be? Many family photographers will travel to the right location that suits your family’s needs.

2. Schedule your Shoot: Make sure to consider your schedule and try not to plan your session around busy times of the day or week so you don’t feel rushed. Be cognizant of rush hour traffic especially here in the tri-state area. If you’re only 30 minutes from your shoot and it’s scheduled at 6:30pm, make sure to leave at least 45 minutes ahead of time.

3. Clothing and the Weather: Make sure to check the weather the day of your shoot. Plan an outfit that will make the weather tolerable to you and the little ones. I always suggest to families that they don’t have to all match color-wise, but it is a good idea to look somewhat uniform so that the eye is drawn to the faces and not the clothing when the image is created. Good clothing suggestions include: wearing black, blues, and any primary colors when choosing your outfits. If your session is outdoors, we suggest staying away from green so that you do not blend in with nature. Try to pick your clothes out the night before so that everyone has an idea of what they are wearing. Ladies make certain you have enough time to get ready before your session so that you feel confident! If possible try to bring a hair brush, blotting tissue for makeup, lipstick, ChapStick for the boys, and hand lotion.

4. Pick a location: If you already don’t have an idea of where you’d like to have your family portrait session, your photographer should know of good places to visit in your area. Many times indoor locations require a permit for photography so it is recommended that you and the photographer speak about possible locations ahead of time in case a permit is necessary. It is recommended having your family sessions in the evening before sunset or in the early morning during sun rise. The lighting is so wonderful during this time for portraits as the sun is low on the horizon and no one is squinting at the camera. Noon time is one of the worst times to have these types of sessions, so it is something to keep in mind when scheduling with your photographer.

5. Make your session day a fun day for the family: Get the little ones excited for their photo shoot! Tell them they are going to have a fun time playing with their new photographer friend. Take the family out to lunch or dinner before the shoot. Make the whole day a fun day so everyone is in great spirits. Try bringing your child’s favorite toys or items during your family session. This helps children feel more comfortable when they are surrounded by familiar items.