Black Ant is one of the most common and most popular pests found in our daily lives. Sometimes it becomes very annoying for anyone to open a food box and find these ants feeding themselves over the product and this occurs especially more during the warmer months of the year (May-Sept). The main places where these ants love to nest is the food storing areas where they can easily find their food sources.

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Ants Control can be started by identify the types which are commonly found. Once the type is distinguished among Carpenter Ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) and The Little Black Ant (monomorium minimum), it becomes easier to get rid of them to save our household from any kind of nuisance.

Required Items

– Caulking gun
– Scent eliminating trash bags
– Ant poisons
– Air tight containers
– Mint
– Red chili powder
– Cloves
– Multipurpose bleach cleaner
– Caulk
– Bay leaves
– Cucumber


1. The most important step in eliminating the ants is to clean our household. It should be cleaned regularly.

– Dirty dishes from the kitchen should be cleaned or rinsed properly to free dishes from any kind of food smell.
– Multipurpose bleach cleaners should be used to clean the kitchen counters to get the kitchen sparking clean and free of any food smell.
– Mopping should be done in the kitchen area also has to be done in the dining area with the floor bleach cleaners to get rid of any food stains and food smells.
– Dustbin should be covered and at the same time should be emptied regularly. The waste should be eliminated in heavy bags and if available along with baking soda scent eliminator.

The second most important role in eliminating the black ants is to store the food items in proper food containers. The different edibles in the kitchen should be stored according to the requirements.

– Air tight plastic containers should be used to store foods like cereals, spices, flour, sugar, pasta, and cookies etc.
– Ziploc plastic bags should be used to store baking items like bread etc.
– Fruits and vegetables should be properly stored in refrigerators.

2. The third most important step is to locate the starting point of the ant coming in house. One can follow a black ant movement to find out the entry of ants and detect the sign of an ant colony. Once found out, this starting spot should be our main consideration place for any further treatment action. The most common places are usually located outside the house, or holes in dirt around.

3. Maintenance of the house should be considered while eliminating the ants. One should look out for any cracks in the walls or any breakage in doors and windows. Look forward to check and detect any kind of leaking pipes to stop building of black ants. Last but not the least one should be very careful to consider and remove the unwanted objects like stones, log, etc to reduce the chances of ants colonizing under them.

4. Use of insecticides is also considered to be an important step to eliminate these black ants in any houses.
– Insecticides should be sprayed on the ant colony, stray ants, and also at the outside perimeters of the house.
– Cracks and fissures should be closed by blowing dust in to them to stop any further entry of ants in to them.
– Oil based pesticides or insecticides can be of good use at baseboards, plumbing pipes, windows, and door-frames. They can be applied with the help of paint brush to make the process simpler.
– You can also take help from natural ant deterrents like mint, cloves, cucumber, red chili powder or bay leaves to prevent ants from entering the house.